Well, Well, Well, What’s New?

Hello Hayters, just wanted to say a quick hello, I’ve been a busy bee working on some new stories I think you’ll enjoy, as well, I spent a good chunk of last winter appealing You Tubes decision to mute Hayter Street but am happy to announce that after a battle of epic email proportions, Hayter Street is back up on a new URL, albeit only after Google wiped out the almost 3000 views. Hey, ya can’t win em all. I’m just glad to be able to share the movie again for free, on the glorious internet. With the relaunch you might spot some promos around Toronto…

See ya around, Hayters. -Butch

*An update as of January, 2015, You Tube again muted the movie and I’m not going to fight them again, I’d rather spend my time creating and not arguing the legalities of artistic expression with a faceless Google representative. I’ll get em on the next one.

#Out In The Streets


Hiya, pals. What's the word on the street?